January 23, 2018

EE2020 Partner Cities

EE2020 worked most intensely with five Massachusetts cities:

New Bedford, a city of 91,000 in southeastern Massachusetts with a median household income of $38,400. EE2020 worked with the city on municipal financing.  In addition, EE2020 worked with the city and Marion Institute’s POWER project on an outreach strategy to blend residential and small-scale ‘C&I’ (commercial and industrial) marketing. 

Newton, a city 10 miles west of Boston with a population of 85,000 and a median household income of $109,000.  EE2020 addressed municipal financing, small businesses, and aided residential outreach conducted through Green Decade, a community group focused on the environment.

Northampton, a city of 28,500 in the Pioneer Valley with a median household income of $50,500.  EE2020 focused on small-scale businesses and tested a concierge model, creating a liaison/troubleshooter to help businesses navigate from audits to retrofits. The Center for EcoTechnology or CET, provided the concierge service.  We also helped the City advance toward offering PACE financing to enable deeper retrofits.

Pittsfield, a manufacturing and cultural center in western Massachusetts with a population of 42,500 and a median household income of $41,000.  As with Northampton, we created a C&I program with geographic clustering in the downtown and a concierge service (through CET).   EE2020’s residential effort in Pittsfield targeted two neighborhoods, working through CET as our community partner. 

Somerville, a densely populated city just north of Boston with a population of 80,000 and a median household income of $58,700. EE2020 worked with the city’s Mayor and housing and planning staff on a plan to retrofit 3,000 1- to 4-family buildings containing 5,000 units.  The city issued an RFQ and expects to select an intermediary entity or partnership to implement the program over the next five years.

In addition, EE2020 provided general advice and assistance to Chelsea, Fitchburg, Greenfield and Leominster.  See detailed_demographic_profiles _EE2020_cities (DOC 118 KB). Highlights of EE2020 cities’ programs are described in “Taking Efficiency to Scale” (go to page 19).



A Mayor’s Role in Fighting Climate Change

  • Use the Bully Pulpit
  • Create example by retrofitting city buildings
  • Set goals
  • Use convening authority
  • Build partnerships and synergies
  • Use regulatory authority