January 23, 2018

Energy Efficiency

Serrafix consultants have worked across the full spectrum of energy savings planning and implementation.  We’ve worked on a state, whole-city, and  just-one-building scale and we’ve worked on the policy issues that affect each one.  Here are some examples:

For cities as diverse as New York, NY, Charleston, South Carolina, and Milwaukee, WI, we developed plans for energy efficiency initiatives, including recommending institutional frameworks, financing, and implementation strategies. And we have worked on state-wide initiatives, such as EE2020,  an effort to help Massachusetts cities create energy efficiency programs for municipal buildings, businesses and residents.  We drafted and spearheaded Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation now cited as a national model.

On a smaller scale, we have analyzed on-site solar energy and combined heat and power opportunities for public and private entities, and guided planning and negotiations with third-parties for large solar projects. We have served clients as diverse as a community development corporation on a project to redevelop an urban mill complex to a Fortune-500 company working on redeveloping a 160 acre light manufacturing site into a mixed use, transit oriented neighborhood. We have also worked with an organization of major national non-profit affordable housing owners to help develop large-scale efficiency implementation strategies and help affordable housing providers mainstream energy management in their organizations.