January 23, 2018

Our Services

Serrafix servicesSerrafix is a strategic adviser and implementation overseer.  We help our clients understand and use the innovations, policies, technologies and practices available right now to improve energy efficiency, reduce resource use, revitalize transportation systems, implement smart growth, and advance philanthropic investment goals.  In addition, we help create channels and drive demand for energy efficiency to our clients.  We can help you create and/or refine your program, and find clients and customers to ensure its success. The team of consultants assembled at Serrafix bring a variety of expertise in law, finance, public policy, government, energy efficiency, transportation and smart-growth planning and community organizing and development. In addition, Serrafix forms partnerships with sister consulting firms and outside experts when better results can be achieved through a network of engagement. Examples of our work

Our History

Douglas Foy

Serrafix was founded by Douglas Foy, who first made a name for himself by filing the lawsuit to clean up Boston Harbor.  Since then, Foy has devoted his career to helping change entrenched habits and practices that harm the environment.  His expertise is in energy and his goal is to eradicate waste from the grid.   Just as Foy’s earlier efforts made it unthinkable to continue dumping waste in the Harbor, so he believes it will soon be unthinkable to waste energy.

Each of the Serrafix team’s consultants has similar expertise in and commitment to environmental progress.